Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Thou Art Good and Doest Good"

This morning we embark on yet another journey in search of medical treatment. I often wonder if it's time to stop getting treatment, but it's hard to accept my low quality of life as a 30 year old. Of course I could be MUCH worse, so I am grateful for the things I can still do. Maybe this is where God wants me, dependent on his grace for normal daily activities that most people take for granted. I have to admit it's hard to believe that God would want me anywhere else than clinging to Him for strength moment by moment. Only He knows how I can best glorify Him.

As I prepare to leave, I have been encouraged by the words of George Mueller, 19th century pastor remembered for his great faith and work with orphans in London. His wife died at the age of 39 and he preached her funeral sermon from Psalm 119:68, "Thou art good and doest good". When she was diagnosed with rheumatic fever this was his prayer:
Yes, my Father, the times of my darling wife are in Thy hands. Thou wilt do the very best thing for her, and for me, whether life or death. If it may be, raise up yet again my precious wife --Thou are able to do it, though she is so ill; but howsoever Thou dealest with me, only help me to continue to be perfectly satisfied with Thy holy will.
And then after she died he said.
I bow, I am satisfied with the will of my Heavenly Father, I seek by perfect submission to his holy will to glorify him, I kiss continually the hand that has afflicted me... Without an effort my inmost soul habitually joys in the joy of that loved departed one. Her happiness give joy to me. My dear daughter and I would not have her back, were it possible to produce it by the turn of a hand. God himself has done it, we are satisfied with him. (excerpts taken from Taste and See by John Piper p. 267-268)
My times are in His hands. Whatever the outcome of this trip be, my prayer is that my heart would be satisfied with Him and His plans for my life. Because He alone is good and does good.

We appreciate your prayers - most importantly that God's will would be done and we would praise Him!

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