Friday, August 12, 2011

New Job

I am a nurse as some of you know. I do not love nursing, but am grateful for the flexibility and pay it offers. We had hoped to be back overseas, where I could use my nursing in a context I greatly prefer, but God has other plans for now. If I ever had to work in the States I always wanted to do one of three things: be a family nurse practitioner, work in women's health, or do community nursing (i.e. non-hospital based nursing). 

I have been working on an ICU step-down unit for over a year, but only working one 4-8 hour shift a week. The work has become increasingly difficult as my pain progresses.  The acuity level is high on my unit and there is a lot of manual labor (lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, etc.). I am always looking for new jobs in hopes of being able to defer applying for disability.  I recently applied for and was granted a job in case management.  It will not be in direct patient care, but rather helping to coordinate patients' needs at discharge. Such as if a patient began dialysis treatment while in the hospital, I would help coordinate outpatient dialysis for the patient.  It will involve a lot of paperwork and some training in insurance billing as well.

Good news is it is a $4.50/hour pay raise! My goal is still to only work one 8 hour a shift a week, but I will have to go through at least 6 weeks of orientation working about two 8 hour shifts a week.  I am concerned about this and would really appreciate your prayers.  I am am also nervous because this job will probably require more sitting ,which will increase my pain. But I can't tolerate 8 hours of standing either.  I am also still having a lot of pain in my elbows, especially with typing, and I know this job will have a lot of typing.  So I am just praying God gives me the grace to work this job and if not I will have to try to get on disability. It's been a hard decision and I pray that I have made the right one.

I won't begin the new position until at least September 6th. Thanks for your prayers!

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