Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Before

The past week has been rough. My pain has been a lot worse. We've had the cold/cough/sore throat around our house and I've decided chronic pain and "normal" sickness don't go well together.  I've had problems sleeping, and even if I "sleep" 11 hours I wake up feeling like I was beaten up overnight. I tried a new massage therapist, but it was a disappointing experience. I keep thinking if I can just get the right pain management routine I won't have these flare ups so often (at least not the widespread myofasical pain flare ups). I wonder if birth control pills are causing this flare since that's the only thing I've changed lately. Do I stop? Do I continue and add Cymbalta, like the doctors have suggested? I don't want to take Cymbalta. Maybe I'm just really struggling to recuperate from the sickness. I don't know, and I sometimes I fear that this "flare up" isn't a "flare up", but just the new me that progressively worsens.

Such is life with chronic pain. I never before knew there was such a life.

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  1. I understand that. Any flu or illness aggravates my vulvodynia. Even weather can bother it.

    I have trouble with the mini-pill so I'm on combination. I know many think it's fruitless to be on the pill when intercourse is hard but it keeps my hormones in check. If the moon shines right and things align, I'm prepared just in case lol!

    I'd give it a couple weeks to see if your pain goes back down. We just had a run in with a flu and it took me a good two weeks to get everything calmer.

    Praying for you!