Thursday, December 30, 2010

Surpise Christmas presents

Suffering from chronic pain sure takes a toll on a person's finances, or at least ours.  I am not able to work as much as I used to and my husband has a low paying job that was only supposed to be temporary while he finished seminary. 

This Christmas we have been blessed by two anonymous givers.  One evening we came home to a box full of presents with our names on the packages. There was no sign of who the gifts were from, but it was obvious they knew us well.  There were gift cards, sweaters for me and our daughter in the correct size, and a blanket for our family.  It is so humbling to be blessed in such an anonymous way.  Thank you if it was from any of my readers.

My parents gave me an envelope with a sweet note and a check for $700 in it. This too was from an anonymous giver. My parents obviously know the person (because they cashed the check and wrote another so the giver could remain anonymous), but we may never know who the kind person is that has blessed us so much.  The interesting thing is my medical insurance deductible for 2011 is $1500.  The company my husband works for will give us $800 (for all 3 of us) towards our deductible. Thankfully my husband and daughter never have to go to the doctor and hopefully that will continue.  So if we apply the $800 to my deductible that will leave $700 for us to pay.  Obviously the giver couldn't have known this as they wrote the $700 check.  What an example of God's provision for us!  While the Bible tells us life in this world will be hard, God promises to care for us every step of the way. 

Thank you God! And thank you anonymous givers. God is so good!

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