Monday, October 4, 2010

One day at a time

I finally heard back from my doctor's nurse last Thursday and she wants me to see a Rheumatologist because some of my labs are abnormal.  My thyroid was a little low and my ANA (which is a blood test for autoimmune disorders) was positive. Also my red blood count and white blood count where a little low. This doesn't mean that I for sure have an autoimmune disease,  but they need to do more testing to rule that out. I wanted to see a female Rheumatologist since a lot of my pain centers around prengnancy/childbirth and areas that would be more easily discussed with a woman.  Unfortunately the two female Rheumatologists in my area either weren't accepting patients or couldn't see me until January.  So I am trying to get an appointment with one who is out of town in a bigger city.  I hate to keep going to all these doctors out of town especially since it is so difficult for me to travel with my pain. My husband and I have discussed the possibility of going to Cleveland Clinic in search of a more definite diagnosis, but it would be a pretty big expense so we are hoping we won't have to do that.  The out of town Rheumatologist has to accept me as a patient and then it will be a month before they can see me. I'm just hoping I can get an appointment soon. 

My headaches have been better and even my neck and shoulders haven't been quite as tight the last two days.  It seems like sitting is becoming more and more intolerable for me though which is very depressing. I really think I have a condition known as pudendal neuralgia which is extremely difficult to treat.  I am supposed to see my doctor on October 19th and when I do I hope she can help me better understand what to do next if I do have pudendal neuralgia.  I have another physical therapy session tomorrow and I'm trying to either walk or go to the warm water therapy pool at least 5 days a week. I keep praying for a miracle and for God to heal me or at least let me be able to sit again without pain.  But I know that that may not be His will for my life.  I can't imagine living like this for the rest of my life, but my husband reminds me that I don't have to worry about that. I just need to focus on getting through each day at a time.

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