Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diagnosis sort-of

I wish I had more to report from my trip to the specialist on Tuesday, but it was really kind of disappointing.  The doctor was concerned about my headaches and thinks they are directly related to my neck/shoulder tightness.  I have been given a diagnosis of myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) to go along with my other pelvic pain issues.  MPS is basically chronic muscle pain accompanied by trigger points. In my case my neck/shoulder has lots of knots in it and they just won't go away.  She thinks I need to try massage therapy for my headaches and neck tightness.  I love a good massage, but they get rather expensive when insurance doesn't cover them.  She upped one of my medications to try and help me sleep better. Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep and sometimes I wake up several times a night, but I almost always wake up feeling like I haven't slept enough (even though I've slept 8-10 hours sometimes).  I hate taking medications and sometimes I just want to get everything out of my system and see if I don't feel better, but I'm afraid I'll just feel worse if I do.  The doctor did order 11 blood tests to rule out everything from rheumatoid arthritis to lupus to vitamin deficiencies.  I should get those tests back in a week or so.  I also met with a PT who gave me a few home exercises for my neck/shoulders, but I felt like they were rather elementary and probably won't help much. We didn't really do anything to address my pelvic pain because the doctor wants to get all my "other" pain under control before doing any more injections or anything. I will continue with PT here in my hometown, but I feel like PT doesn't reap the benefits for the amount of money it costs.  So, I continue to wait. I have another appointment with the doctor in October, but sometimes I wonder if I'm not just wasting my time and the driving is extremely difficult for me.  Well, my head hurts to write very much and I'm having a "down" day so I'll write again when I can have something more uplifting to say :)

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