Friday, September 10, 2010

Answered Prayer

Today has been a good day and I am praising God!  It started off with my first MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting of the year.  It's always encouraging to be able to get out and be with other people especially other moms who are in similiar stages of life as me.

I also received a call back from my docotor's nurse (finally!). I prayed last night specifically for that.  My 2nd MRI of the low back was normal. I wasn't too surprised.  The doctor thinks my flare up and new symptoms of burning and tingling were due to some nerve irritation from the injection. I have thankfully gotten better than I was, but I am still not exactly where I was before the injection.  The nurse says the doctor thinks I might need an SI (sacroiliac) joint injection since this epidural injection near the nerve didn't help my pain at all. I thought from the beginning I needed an SI injection, but now I am scared of having another one not to mention "wasting" money if it doesn't work again.  Thankfully I have an appointment with the doctor and the physical therapist there (a new one) on September 21st.  So I will talk to her and most importantly pray about whether a different injection is the right thing to do.  I have also been experiencing some different symptoms that I think might be from the injection, but I just wonder if I don't need to have some labwork done. I don't have a family doctor (prior to pregnancy I didn't have any health problems) and I sometimes wonder if maybe there isn't something "bigger" going on with me.  So I am hoping maybe this doctor can order some labwork for me as well. 

I was also able to go and do some shopping with my mom and daughter. I needed to exchange some clothes my daughter received for her birthday that were too big.  I was able to shop for 3 hours and while I pushed it too hard and was feeling pretty bad toward the end of it...I made it! And my feet didn't hurt like they sometimes do (even yesterday I tried to go to the grocery and my feet were killing me)! Such a blessing from the Lord.  Even though I may not feel like I used to before all this happened it's encouraging to have a good day in the the midst of what has been a rough couple of weeks.  God is so kind like that.

I was also encouraged by a video we watched at MOPS today that quoted Psalm 139.  Such a comforting Psalm especially in times of "trouble" or worry.  It talks about how we can't flee from God's presence and we can have peace knowing that God has planned our days before the begining of time. Our theme verse this year is Psalm 139:10 "Even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me."  Prior to this verse the psalmist mentions extreme examples of where we could go (heaven, the grave, the middle of the ocean) to explain how we can never leave God's watchful care.  The video repeated the words, even there, and while I have read this chapter several times in my life before never have I felt God's peace in those words like today.  I felt as though God was saying "Even there, even in your pain, when you can't sit or sleep or care for your family or work or do anything but cry, even there I will lead you, my right hand is holding you."   If anyone reads this I hope you can be encouraged by this passage as well. Even in whatever horrible or wonderful circumstance you may be facing God is there.  And that is why we can have peace.

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  1. I am in MOPS too. At our first meeting of the year (before my surgery), I spoke about all my pain openly and in graphic detail. Many hung their heads low, unable to look at me. But, I want to take the SHAME out of Pudendal Neuralgia. We are young women. Even if the young moms in our MOPS groups don't have PNE, they have something. Everyone does; physical, mental, relational. We must be a light to this dying world.