Tuesday, September 7, 2010

God Working for My Good

I continue to be in more pain (and new pain) than before I had the injection 12 days ago. On Friday I had an MRI and I am currently awaiting my doctor to call me back with the results since we had the Labor Day holiday weekend.  I am so grateful God gave me the strength to work yesterday as I made time and half pay and we certainly need the money.  God is good.

Today has been hard for me (it's always harder the day after I've worked) so I've been trying to reflect on how God has been working for my good throughout my pain even when I didn't know it at the time.  Here's 5 examples:

1.) We felt God leading us to move to my hometown where my family lives in the Summer of 2008.  We moved and my pain history began in November 2008. That was definitely God's providence!

2.) I had pain post childbirth, but nothing like I expereiced during pregnancy or especially not like now. This allowed me the ability to care for my newborn baby and enjoy that precious time a little.

3.)  I began weaning my baby from nursing and she started sleeping 11 hours straight (after many months of waking a least once in the night) just a few weeks before this pain started. How much harder it would have been to care for her without some decent sleep!

4.)  Since I stopped nursing I no longer had to sit several times a day (and sometimes night) to nurse my daughter and my husband could help with the feedings. This was a huge blessing as I now could not sit without pain.  I am so grateful God allow me to nurse for 7 months, even if it was hard at times!

5.) God kept this intense pain I now experience from me during pregnancy.  It would have been so hard to make it through a pregnancy with the inability to sit!

Even though today is hard I know God is working for my good right now.  I look forward  to the day I will hopefully be able to look back on these days of pain I experience now and see more specifically how God is working for my good.

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