Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hip Update & Prayer Requests

It's hard to believe I am already a little over 6 months post-op from my left hip FAI/labral repair. Since I last reported I have not seen much overall improvement in my hip recovery. I continue to have decreased range of motion, especially with external rotation (I can't sit crossed-legged or do the "butterfly stretch") and flexion (bringing my knees to my chest is still difficult for me). But my hip PT thinks my hip joint is doing well, my remaining pain is coming from tight muscles and compensation/weakness. I am just struggling to get these tight muscles to "release". The good news is my knee pain has been better lately. I'm not sure exactly why, but the last 6 weeks I have spent a lot of time massaging my Iliotibial (IT) band and quadricep on my left side. I have also worn my SERF strap (thankfully I finally got insurance to cover it!) when walking for any length of distance. Whatever the reason is, I am thankful, though I am afraid it may come back at any time as I know I still need to strengthen my leg/glute muscles badly. Unfortunately every time I try I end up flaring my pelvic floor or another area of my pain.

One of the biggest frustrations of this last month has been my almost inability to lay on my surgical side again. It seems I have developed some thick scar tissue around to the two outermost surgical openings. I have tried lots of self massage and I also got this little gadget (pictured below) which can be found here to help with self massage, especially of my leg muscles, which I think might be helping some, but I can only tolerate laying a few minutes on my left side. Please pray that I will be able to get this worked out soon as it is already challenging because I cannot lie on my back due to sacral pain and I cannot sit for long (so I am spending a lot of time on my right side!).

I am scheduled to leave tomorrow for three days of treatment with my out of town hip and pelvic floor PT. Unfortunately we've had a lot of troubles with our van that we got used last December, when our car was totaled by another driver. We just spent $600 to put in a new air compressor, after spending $300 the week before for more repairs, but yesterday we realized the air conditioner is still not working right. It's just too hot to drive 2-3 hours without A/C right now and I need to be able to lay down in the van when traveling so as not to increase my pain. Please pray that our mechanic would be able to fix the van quickly in the morning so that we can still leave to get treatment. I am currently without a PT locally so I really need to have some PT in order to keep my pain levels a little lower. I stopped the myofascial release PT, though I might go back as nothing else locally has helped as much as that, which sadly wasn't much.

While I know I need to go have therapy, honestly I don't feel like going because I have had a headache for the last 10 days. I'm not sure what exactly has brought this on, but man do I have empathy for those who have migraines! Headaches just make me tired, irritable, and getting anything done can be a challenge. Some of you who have been around for a few years may remember I struggled with headaches back in 2010. A combination of massage, medications, new pillow, stretches, and the grace of God finally took these headaches away. Please pray that God will relieve these headaches and/or I will figure out what is causing them and how to minimize them.

Over the last few weeks I have made some drastic diet changes (more on that coming soon) to see if it helps with my pain (unfortunately currently I am in more pain than I have been in a while with these headaches!). I have also changed some supplements, but when the headaches started I immediately reverted back to my normal medications/supplements and my headache didn't start until day 12 of my dietary changes so I'm not sure that the two are related. With my new dietary changes I have had to spend a lot more time cooking and I wonder if that has something to do with the headaches. This would make sense because so much of my pain is biomechanically orientated. I have had one massage since they began, but I didn't feel any relief from that. The week before last was also a very busy week for us as my daughter had Vacation Bible School and I have not gotten as much sleep as I need lately so the headaches could be caused by a combination of things.

Some of you who follow my Facebook page may have read my status update from last weekend:
"Our "new" car we got used in December after a car accident has needed almost $1000 worth of repairs this week. Just "luck" that I was approved disability this week? I don't think so. This is God's sovereign hand at work!

Also, is it just chance that today we sold a bike rack for $40 we were never able to use due to my pain? This is God's providence working for our good and His glory!

Of course God is still sovereign when we don't get disability and we don't make extra money, but this sure is a blessing and we want to praise God for his favor! (The extra $40 will pay for a little date my husband and I already had planned - a VERY rare treat for us!)"
It's interesting how quickly things can change! That was a good day, things were "looking up" for us. We had received word that I was approved for disability, gotten some extra cash, and my husband and I were going on a date. A week later, when our car is still not working properly, my head feels like it will explode, and I might not be able to go to my out of town PT as planned I will admit the statement, "Of course God is still sovereign when we don't get disability and we don't make extra money" is not as easy to say. Sadly my response yesterday (when we realized the van air conditioning was still not working and my head was pounding after taking my daughter to a birthday party) was not one of trust in a sovereign God, but one of anger, doubt, and frustration.

The good news is God is faithful even when we are faithless (2 Timothy 2:13). Our faithlessness, as children of God - saved by the blood of Christ, cannot nullify the faithfulness of God (Romans 3:3). And even if we don't understand or want to believe it at times, God is always in complete control, working all things together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Thanks for praying!


  1. I am praying for you. Praying for your headaches to be resolved so that you can focus on your P.T. so that your hip can heal, praying for your car issues, and praying for strength to climb over this mountain. Thankful for your devotion to God and unwavering faith in him. Remember us also~ A Loving Lasting Marriage

  2. I'm so sorry your pain has been so much worse lately! I will pray for you. I can relate to your next-to-last paragraph; I have had a really rough week, basically a combination of a sick toddler who won't sleep regular hours and frustrations over my new dietary changes (I really miss dairy!), and I've handled it all terribly. I am trying to turn it around though, and seeking the Lord's forgiveness and grace to see me through. I hope you are able to go to your PT tomorrow!

  3. I'm praying for you now. I understand the challenge of trusting God unconditionally despite the circumstances & when it seems like nothing ever goes 'right'. I'm praying that your van would get fixed in time to travel to PT, that the PT would help your pain & for your headache to go away but I'm also praying that you would be encouraged spiritually.

    On a side note I changed my diet about 2 months ago & it also requires me to do A LOT more preparation & cooking. I also found it was a big adjustment in terms of pain & energy. With PT the pain has improved but energy is my biggest challenge. Especially at the start of the new diet all I could manage to do in the day was prepare meals but over time it has become a bit easier. I eventually found some shortcuts & figured out which were the easy recipes - I'm sure you will too!