Monday, January 3, 2011

PT and trigger point injections

I am traveling every Monday in January to the urogynocologist's office almost 3 hours away to have trigger point injections into the pelvic floor muscles and PT.  They have also considered doing bladder installations of medications to reduce the symptoms of urinary urgency/frequency, but I have been doing better in that area lately so we didn't do the instillation today.

I did have 4 trigger point injections of an anesthetic immediately followed by PT today. The injections were more painful than I expected.  My PT is from India (for those of you who know me well know that I love India and dream of going there one day so I was excited about that!), but I was a little disappointed that she doesn't do any different therapies than my PT back home.  But I have never had the trigger point injections so I am going to try 4 sessions of that with PT and then if it's not helping decide what to do from there. I struggle with being pessimistic (well, I like to call myself a realist :)) so I feel pretty confident I won't see much change by the end of the month, but I know God can do anything and I'm praying He does a miracle!

I have had a rough couple days pain wise. Today didn't help. I think the PT was more intense because I was a little numbed up from the injection so I will probably be sore for a few days.  I have had some vulvodynia symptoms the last few days too.  I don't know if it was from having intercourse (usually I have some burning afterward, but not this intense) or delayed from the pudendal block last week and a busy week with the holidays, but that's kind of frustrating because I thought I was mostly past those symptoms.  Hopefully it will die down soon.

I am scheduled to have another pudendal block January 11th.  I have mixed emotions about this. I have done some research and feel like without steroids there isn't any chance of long term pain relief.  I'm nervous if I have steroids in the injection I might react badly like I did back in August, but I feel like if I ever get to the point where I consider surgery (if a pudendal neuralgia specialist thinks I am a good candidate) the specialists will most likely want me to try a pudendal block with steroids.  I worry that maybe my pain management doctor doing the injection doesn't know enough or isn't doing the injection right, but I am just going to pray this week a lot and if God gives me a peace about having the injection then I have to trust Him.

I have heard some great sermons lately on suffering and I plan to post some of what God has been teaching me in the coming days.

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