Monday, January 10, 2011

2nd Nerve Block

Tomorrow I am scheduled to have my second pudendal nerve block.  I am still debating on whether to tell them to use steroids or not. I feel like if they don't there is no point because I am not going to be cured by an injection that simply numbs me for a few hours.  I have chronic pain. It has been going on now for almost 10 months.  I also have had a lot of sacral pain lately and wonder if an Sacroiliac joint injection (as I have SI joint dysfunction on the left side) wouldn't help me or maybe a pudendal block higher up at the ischial spine level. So I am going to discuss my symptoms and concerns with my pain management doctor. 

I was supposed to have another trigger point injection and PT today, but my appointment was canceled so I will have to reschedule. I've been having a rough few days lately.  My myofascial pains in my neck and shoulders have been worse and I've been experiencing more vulvodynia pain like I did during pregnancy for some reason (and no, don't worry... I am not pregnant!). I really wanted to see the nurse practitioner today (she does the trigger point injections) because I feel like I need to either increase my Neurontin or switch to something different. I'm just not getting enough pain relief.  My pain levels have been hanging more around the 5-6 range.

Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow that the doctor will have wisdom and be understanding and that I won't flare badly if I have an injection with steroid.

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