Friday, August 27, 2010

MRI update

Yesterday I went back to the out of town specialist and had a lumbar spine MRI.  Unfortunately the results didn't really show what the doctor thought she might see.  I had a slight bulge at the L5 disc, but nothing that is pressing on a nerve (yet). I also have some narrowing of the disc space around L4 I think, but that's most likely just how I'm made. The doctor  felt, however, based on my symptoms and her experience that I would still benefit from a epidural steroid injection outside the S1 area.  I was already scheduled for the injection so we did it. It was quick and pretty painless.  The injection also contained an anesthetic which basically took away my pain for about 1 1/2 hours. I was told once the anesthetic wears off I may experience some pain and then the injection may not take full effect for up to 2 weeks.  At 2 weeks I will call the doctor's office and let them know how I responded to the injection and we will go from there.

For the hour and a half that the pain was gone it felt so nice to be able to sit comfortably again as we started our drive home.  I cried thinking that sitting pain free used to be an every day "norm" for me, but now has become such a misery.  Today I've been in more pain and while I knew that was a possibility I still wasn't ready for it. It's been a little depressing as well because I still feel like maybe we don't have the right treatment and that this injection isn't going to work.  But I'm trying to trust God no matter the outcome.  Scripture tells us His power is perfected  in our weakness and that His grace is sufficient for us (2 Corinthians 12:9). That's so true.  Even in my pain God always gives me the grace I need to make it through the day and I know He will continue to do the same tomorrow.  So for now, I keep waiting...

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