Sunday, November 4, 2012

Green Light With Infusions Tomorrow!

Just wanted to update about my previous post. As of now, I will be proceeding with my infusions as scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. My GI issues are still there though a tad better I think (maybe) since doubling up on my priolsec (per a GI nurse practitioner's advice), modifying my diet, and taking antacids - though I still feel like this is atypical, if it is reflux. If another week on the prilosec doesn't settle things down I'll be trying to get a referral to a GI doc - yet another specialist to add to my list, ugh!  After speaking with the GI nurse practitioner and my pain doctor and getting the "all clear" I decided to proceed with the infusions.
  • Please pray that the infusions will not cause nausea/vomiting or hallucinations - the two biggest side effects of the medications.
  • Pray that I will tolerate the medications ok so I can get the full 3 days worth and ultimately that I will get even just a little pain relief!
  • Pray that this infusion will help us gain wisdom as we seek to understand how much of my pain is being driven by the central nervous system so we can better know how to proceed with other diagnoses like my labral hip tears.
  • Pray that the insurance company will cover the cost of the infusions - we still are not sure what they will pay as one of the medications is often considered "experimental".
Thanks for praying. I really don't know what to expect over the next few days, but I know the One who holds the future, and I rest knowing my times are in His hands.


  1. I had missed your last few posts & I'm sorry to read that things have been so difficult for you lately. I really hope (and pray) that you don't have any bad reactions to the medications & that they are effective & help with the pain.

  2. I am continuing to pray for you friend. I'll pray specifically for your requests. Lifting you up!