Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still, My Soul -Update

Tomorrow I will be traveling to see a new doctor. I wanted to post an update for those of you who so faithfully pray for us.


  • The week before Christmas my husband was rear-ended while driving home from work. We received a check from the other insurance company for about $700 more than the cost to actually fix our car! In God's mysterious providence my husband had the accident on the same day that I received the $900 bill that our insurance denied for the anesthesia portion of my botox procedure this past August. When calling about this denial we found out that insurance should have never paid for the actual botox procedure itself (a mere $10,000), but by God's grace they did. Insurance told us that if we tried to dispute the $900 that they could realize their mistake and revoke payment of the larger portion, which we could not afford.
  • We have continued to receive generous gifts from family and friends which have kept us from depleting our savings. Praise God for his continual provision.
Prayer Requests:

  • Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be seeing a new pain management doctor in hopes of getting my pain under better control. I will have a couple of decent days followed by several really bad days that often keep me confined to the house or even bed. My pain, while still debilitating, was better managed prior to my August botox injections. Please pray this doctor will be compassionate and will have wisdom to help me.
  • Some pain that I experienced during my pregnancy was controlled decently, but has recently come back (to a lesser level). Sometimes it all seems more than I can bear. Please pray that God will help me figure out how to get this back under "control".
  • I have submitted my disability application appeal. While the attorney has already informed us another denial will be most likely, pray that God would surprise us all and that I would be granted disability. While not a long term solution to our financial needs, this will allow us to better pay for our monthly bills and especially medical bills.
  • My husband is in the application process for another job. We do not know if it is wise to leave his current position however as he has a good name within the district and hopes to be promoted in the next several months. Please pray for clear direction.
  •  We continue to covet prayer for wisdom as to which treatment paths to pursue. There are several options we are considering in the coming months and we have to use our resources wisely. We pray God would restore at least some health in the coming months.
  • While the battle with chronic debilitating pain is bad, the battle to stand firm in the faith and resist temptation is often equally hard. Please pray God would give us great hope in His sovereignty and peace as we trust Him.
Yesterday I was able to drive 20 minutes and run some errands after getting a massage. It was not easy, but I was encouraged. Often when I have better days I am hopeful that I will not always be in so much pain and debilitated; however, today, I am reminded that I am far from "normal" as yesterday's efforts are paying their toll on my body. Over the last several weeks I have been so encouraged and strengthened by the truths of "Still, My Soul Be Still" by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

Praying today that my heart will not be moved by lesser lights and fleeting shadows.
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