Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Reasons I am Thankful for my Pain!

While standing at my kitchen window this morning, I could see the runners of our town's annual Turkey Trot 5K race. I saw families running/walking together pushing their children in strollers and I immediately felt a little cheated. I tried to think of those who are confined to wheelchairs who would love to even walk a little like I can, but it didn't help. It's a bad morning pain-wise and in general I feel kind of puny. I think I might be getting the "bug" my daughter has had. So to combat my feelings of discontentment I need to record the ways God has been good to me and why I am grateful for my pain.

1. My pain has helped me have more of an empathy for people with chronic illness or going through various types of suffering that I never had before.

2. I have met many people and made friendships that I would have probably never made had chronic pain not entered my life.

3. I have a greater longing and desire for Heaven as I am learning that NOTHING in this world will ever satisfy me like Jesus.

4. My pain has allowed us to live close to my family so my daughter has such a close relationship to her grandparents.

5. My pain has helped me learn to rely on God's grace instead of my own abilities and strengths.

6. My relationship with the Lord has grown and the truths of the Bible have become very real in my life.

7. Because of Jesus I have better learned how to offer hope and encouragement to others who are also suffering (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

8. My pain has helped me gain a better perspective on life and not worry as much about "the small stuff".

9. My pain has helped our marriage focus on it's sole purpose (being an living example of Christ and the Church) and has helped me focus on the importance of teaching my daughter God's truths at a young age so hopefully she will have a firm foundation in this difficult life.

10. My pain has helped me be more aware of and grateful for God's blessings in my life!

What are you thankful for today, with or without pain?


  1. So well written. I have found many of the same gifts in the pain.

  2. Great post! I too have learned that nothing in this world will satisfy me like Jesus. Our pain and discomfort will grow dim when we put our focus on Him.