Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jehovah Jireh

Over the last year I have tried around 10-15 cushions to try and make sitting more comfortable (and I only sit when I absolutely have to like driving, church, work, and some meals).  I recently found a cushion online that I really thought would work, but unfortunately it cost $100 and if purchased it was not returnable. So I asked a ton of questions and after getting pretty good feedback I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately it was not as described. It was very soft  and not supportive even though I ordered the "firm" cushion. I explained my frustration and they said I could send it back and exchange it for the "extra firm" which is described as sturdy support that will keep you from touching the seat you are sitting on (which is exactly what I need). So I spent another $10 to mail it back and received it today only to be even more disappointed. It seems like they just sent me a thinner cushion that was the same firmness.

I was really hoping this cushion would help me be able to sit at church better and help me endure the 3 hour flight to Phoenix next month. I was even more frustrated that I spent over $100 on a cushion that will most likely go in a closet with all the other cushions that haven't worked.

A couple hours after I opened up the cushion, I went to the mailbox to find a check from the IRS for $289! After completing our income tax return this year we were notified by the IRS that we might qualify for an additional credit because we have a child. So we completed the paperwork and apparently it was accepted. What is the likelihood that two things we've been waiting on, the cushion and money from the IRS, would come the same day? God is so kind. In my disappointment and frustration, He reminded me that He is our great provider!

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