Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Root canal for Pudenal Neuralgia?

Tommorrow I am going to get a root canal. It seems me and nerves don't get along.  I had never had a cavity until after I had my daughter (thanks to pregnancy gingivitis).  The cavity was filled over a year ago, but I continued to have sensitivity to cold and pain at times.  My new dentist smoothed down the filling and my pain got better.  Last week I noticed two little bumps above the tooth with the filling that had pus in them (looked like pimples). They weren't painful, so I thought they must just be a strange sore (I get canker sores sometimes) and I swished mouthwash and salt water.  Finally I googled my gum "pimple" and found out most likely the nerve had died and caused an absess that was pushing it's way through my gum. The dentist confirmed my google diagnosis. So off I go to the endodontist tommorrow. I will then follow up with my dentist for a crown.  We definitely didn't need any more medical expenses right now, but at least I have access to dentists and can get the care I need.  Many in this world do not.  Too bad my pudendal nerve couldn't just die and all my pain go away.  The only problem with that is I can't have a root canal on my pudenal nerve because I need it in order to go to the bathroom.

Point of this post? If you have a "gum pimple" go to the dentist! :)

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